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Applying for Childcare Funding

Apply for Universal Credit Childcare

Universal Credit FAQ

Can you combine Universal Credit with 15/30 hours Funded Childcare?

Yes, you can use Universal Credit alongside the 15/30 hours childcare scheme, maximising your childcare support.

I am a separated parent, can I apply?

Separated parents should agree on who will apply for Universal Credit to support childcare costs. Only one application can be made per child.

Can I get support for before and after school care?

Universal Credit can cover childcare for before and after school hours, from 8am to 6pm or later.

How much Universal Credit childcare support will I receive?

You can receive up to £950.92 per month for one child and £1,630.15 for two or more children.

How are childcare fees managed with Universal Credit?

You’ll initially cover your childcare fees, then report the costs to claim a reimbursement through Universal Credit. For assistance with upfront costs, explore the Flexible Support Fund.

What age children can I apply for?

Funding is available until the 31st August following your child’s 16th birthday, or 19th if they’re in education or training.

Can I use Universal Credit with Tax-Free Childcare?

Please note that Universal Credit cannot be used in conjunction with Tax-Free Childcare.