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Preparing for your Child’s First Day

Our Key Person Approach

Every child in our nursery is assigned a primary key person, along with a buddy, to guarantee continuous care and support. These key individuals play a crucial role in fostering a warm and positive relationship with both you and your child. They are dedicated to overseeing your child’s learning journey and personal development, all while nurturing their confidence and resilience.

Settling In

Creating a sense of comfort and familiarity within the nursery environment and with their key person is crucial for your child’s smooth transition into nursery life. To facilitate this, we invite you and your child to join in on play sessions with their assigned key person. These sessions are tailored to your child’s pace, ensuring a gentle and personal adjustment period. The key person will also assist during drop-offs and pickups, providing a nurturing and supportive transition for your child.

Nursery Checklist

Embarking on the nursery journey with your little one is an exciting milestone, and being well-prepared can make this transition smoother and more enjoyable for both of you. To ensure your child has everything they need for a fun and comfortable day, we’ve compiled a comprehensive nursery checklist.

This checklist is designed to help you pack effectively, covering all the necessities from spare clothes to snacks, ensuring your child is ready for a day filled with learning and play. Let’s get started on preparing the perfect nursery backpack for your little explorer!

What to pack for your first day at nursery

In our nursery, each child has a personalised peg, complete with their photo, where all their belongings will be neatly stored. To ensure your child has everything they need for a comfortable and engaging day, please pack the following items in their nursery backpack:

nursery checklist for baby

  • Spare sets clothes, including socks and bibs if needed
  • Comforter if they have one
  • Weather appropriate clothing, sun hats for the summer, warm, waterproof coat, wellies
  • Their own labelled bottle / labelled formula milk, if needed
  • Suncream, if you are choosing not to use the one, we are providing.

Nursery Checklist for Pre-schoolers

  • Spare sets clothes if potty training
  • Weather appropriate clothing, sun hats for the summer, warm, waterproof coat
  • Wellies
  • Suncream, if you are choosing not to use the one, we are providing

Top Tips:

  • Label everything with your child’s name
  • If they are bringing their comforter to nursery, purchase an identical one so you have back up.

Morning Welcome

Your day begins with a warm greeting from our caring staff at the secure entrance, ensuring a gentle handover from your care to ours.

A World of Discovery

In their dedicated room, your child will be immersed in enriching play, will build friendships with peers, and form bonds with our attentive team.

Baby Changing

Our nursery is equipped with comfortable and hygienic areas designated for nappy changes. Please consult with the nursery regarding your baby’s nappy and wipes needs prior to your start date.

Nutritious Meals

In our nursery, nourishing the little ones is a key part of their day. We serve them a variety of snacks twice daily, alongside a hearty 2-course meal during both morning and afternoon sessions. For early risers, a wholesome breakfast awaits, available until 9 am. Every meal is freshly prepared by our dedicated Chef, with all our menus receiving approval from a certified paediatric nutritionist.

Baby Sleep Time

In line with the Lullaby Trust’s guidelines, we strive to create optimal conditions for restful sleeps. Upon joining, we’ll discuss your child’s usual sleep routine with you, aiming to replicate their home environment as closely as possible within our nursery setting.

Exploring Nature: Outdoor Play

Our outdoor adventures invite your child to marvel at nature’s wonders, guided safely to encourage their physical and cognitive growth.

Staying Connected; Daily Updates

Each day, our team will share updates about sleep, food, insightful observations, and snapshots capturing your child’s nursery adventures through our system ‘eyworks’.

All of our nurseries operate an open door policy which means you can check in at any time. You will get verbal updates and we share daily achievements through our online platform.

Home Time

As the day winds down, we prepare for a smooth transition home. Should your schedule change, a quick call ensures your child’s comfort until you arrive. For alternate pickups, we prioritise security with a pre-arranged system for a seamless handover.