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Childcare Vouchers FAQ

Can I use Childcare Vouchers with Tax-Free Childcare?

You cannot claim for childcare vouchers if you apply for Tax-Free Childcare.

What do I need to do when selecting a nursery?

You will need to link your childcare voucher company to your nursery provider and arrange for your voucher to be released to them every month. Inform your nursery that you are paying via childcare vouchers and which company you are using as some, such as Edenred, ask the nursery for their account number to be able to link this to your account.

How much can I pay from my salary to Childcare vouchers?

You can allocate up to £55 per week from your pre-tax salary to Childcare Vouchers, saving on both tax and National Insurance.

How old can my children be to use Childcare Vouchers?

You can use your vouchers until your children are 15 years old.

Can I continue using the Childcare Voucher scheme if I change my employer?

No, you cannot join a new Childcare Voucher scheme with a new employer as the scheme is closed to new entrants. You will need to stay with your current employer to keep using your existing vouchers